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How to Start a Clothing Brand | 4 Questions to answer first

When starting a clothing line/brand it is important to have a clear vision not only of your products but your brand purpose and marketing strategy. Below you will find 4 questions that you must answer before starting your brand.

Steps 1: You need to answer the question, "Who?"

  1. Who are you targeting or what's your audience? Try to be very, very specific.

  2. The use of Market segmentation is a great tool to use to find this audience.

Step 2: You need to answer the question, "Why?"

  1. Why would someone buy your clothing line? – What desire does your clothing line fulfill for your customer?

Ask your question

  • The thicker the garment, the better quality.

  • The softer the garment the better quality

There are four different reasons why people buy your clothing.

Reason 1. Emotional Value: Makes them feel good and comfortable.

Reason 2. Looks like: suits their preferences or looks good on them.

Reason 3. Evaluation Status: The product is expensive, and in that way, it looks rich.

Reason 4. Function: It actually has a function, the combination of desire and need.

Step 3: You need to answer the question, "What?"

  1. What products will you provide that will fulfill the desires of your customers?

In this step, you only need to spend your time building your clothing line around the desires of your target customer.

Step 4: You need to answer the question, ‘’Where?’’

  1. Where can you find your target market or customer to promote to?

This is going to be one of the biggest challenges with a new clothing line. It’s hard if you don’t know where you can find your ideal customer, but the good thing is by answering the first question listed above you've already know who that customer is. With this imformation you can start researching where they like to hang out not only socially but more about their buying habits such as; where do they shop, how much do they spend, and what do they spend their money on.

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